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With over three decades of success including dozens of clients across diverse industries, Pilot Advisors is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape. We specialize in orchestrating cultural transformations, executing turnaround strategies, and driving operational excellence to maximize profitability and sustainable growth.

Our approach is anchored in science and practical wisdom, blending leadership, strategic planning, and innovative technology to propel your company to new levels of success. Whether revitalizing heavy manufacturing giants, optimizing food production and distribution, or overseeing mission-critical US DOE/DOD operations, our record speaks for itself. We carefully design each engagement to not only optimize operational efficiency but also to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement throughout each organization. Your employees are not only encouraged but also empowered to share their knowledge, exchange best practices, and actively contribute.

At Pilot Advisors, we prioritize people, profit, technology, and customer-centric solutions. With candor, respect and positivity, we collaborate closely with your team to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. Together, we chart a course towards success, leveraging our expertise and experience to ensure your company reaches its full potential.

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Pilot Advisors is focused on enabling our clients to achieve their BestPossible by ensuring all the necessary elements are being effectively deployed.

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Teams
  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Profit Optimization


We work from the top down to identify all the elements of success as you, your customers, stakeholders and industry define them. Then we work with you to develop and implement specific assessment and transition plans for your leadership, processes and people to achieve success, on your terms. We strive to provide our clients with the means for perpetuating improvements internally by transferring the techniques and knowledge we apply.

The Goal

The goal is Sustainable Growth; which depends on the willingness and ability of the organization to optimize the resources of the enterprise: Capital, Procurement Options, Sales Opportunities, Production Capabilities, and Information.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein


Pilot Advisors has delivered innovative, performance related services to companies in a wide range of industries and across North America. The following represents some of the notable companies we have served:

Food Distribution/Production

Dannon Yogurt
Danone Waters of North America
Dean Foods
Frito Lay
Groupe Danone
Morningstar Dairies
System Services of America

Commercial Nuclear Power

Clinton Nuclear Station
David Besse Nuclear Station
Duke Power
Energy Northwest
Ontario Hydro Nuclear
Sierra Nuclear
Trojan Nuclear
Institute of Nuclear Power Operations


Clark County
Department of Energy
Eagle County Charter School
Hanford Tank Farms
Hockinson Schools
Long Beach
Orange County Transit


Portland Gas and Electric

Heavy Manufacturing

Steel Dynamics Inc
Camrose Pipe
CC&V Gold Mine
Louisiana Pacific
Napa Pipe
Oregon Steel Mills
Rocky Mountain Steel Mills

High Tech

EG&G Defense
General Astronautics
Komatsu Silicon America
Los Alamos Laboratories
Lucent Technologies

National Security

Battelle Memorial
US Department of Defense
Tooele Chemical Weapons Demilitarization
Aniston Chemical Weapons Demilitarization
Blue Grass Chemical Weapons Demilitarization
Pueblo Chemical Weapons Demilitarization

Small Businesses

Almega Door and Millwork
Daily Grind
Gaynors Automotive
Project Desert Bloom
Sigma Design
Sinnetts Market Place

Case Studies

At Pilot Advisors we know from experience that organizations are dynamic and require a variety of tools and processes to improve. We’ve categorized the following case studies to make them easier to navigate and to highlight specific areas of expertise. However, because our approach is always comprehensive, most of these case studies could have been categorized in many different ways.

Lucent Technologies

Technology Firm, Revenue: $9BB+, Employees: 10,000+

GOAL Facilitate a breakthrough in customer satisfaction and user friendly metrics for the technical “box” product lines.
SOLUTION Facilitated a 6 month breakthrough process with 45 of the “select” personnel from the division, identified the foundational issues preventing success, developed metrics and plans for improvement.
RESULTS Broke-through the previously sacred-cows preventing any progress, reorganized the documentation and product development departments, streamlined the processes by months.


U.S. Electric Utility Company, Revenue: $1BB+, Employees: 3,000+

GOAL A breakthrough $33MM increase in revenue concurrent with a predetermined 30% reduction through attrition in the work force, using the concept of Process Centered Organization.
SOLUTION Extensive assessment and design utilizing client teams, union collaboration and validation of Process Centered Organization design, identified and addressed foundational cultural issues.
RESULTS Results: Exceeded both goals while establishing methods to increase workforce productivity levels significantly, eventual sale of the company to a Warren Buffet Energy company.

EG&G Defense

U.S. Military Defense Contractor on a 20 Year Federal Contract Required by International Treaty, Subsidiary of $20BB company, 900 direct employees, 300 sub-contractors

GOAL An urgent, last chance, performance turnaround after near misses in safety performance prior to contract cancellation.
SOLUTION Extensive top level independent root cause analysis and management assessment, strategic recovery planning, executive coaching, vision development and implementation, multiple program-specific performance assessments, follow-up.
RESULTS The site promptly rectified its performance and for the first time achieved award-fee payments of more than $2MM per quarter which has continued at nearly 100% of maximum since.

Battelle Memorial

Largest U.S. Non-Profit Research and Development Firm, Providing Technical Expertise and Personnel to a Dangerous and Sensitive Government Project, Project Revenue: $17-25MM, Employees: 275

GOAL Substantial improvement of customer service concurrent with rapid growth in the same industry.
SOLUTION Extensive assessment, development and implementation of new executive expectations, a new vision, persistent executive coaching and process re-engineering.
RESULTS Recognized by the Federal Government for their contributions internationally and awarded more than $1MM in new contracts while retaining and expanding their existent contracts.


Largest U.S. Dairy Producer and Non-Dairy Supplier, Revenue: $1.2BB, Employees: 3,000

GOAL Elevating the sales department capabilities, including dozens of dissimilar sales channels, to a highly disciplined, high performance organization comparable to the other corporate departments concurrent with 5% revenue growth and 7.5% profit growth.
SOLUTION Extensive strategic planning, a facilitated program design process, and high impact executive coaching.
RESULTS Profound change in roles and responsibilities, breakthrough changes in the beliefs and attitudes of the sales and support staff, ownership of the new methods and practices by sales management.

Groupe Danone

Largest Food Company in the World, Revenue: $20BB+, Employees: 20,000

GOAL Develop disciplined, innovative performance within the leadership team.
SOLUTION Facilitated international offsite sessions, corporate vision development, team performance workshops, quantitative assessments, and company wide executive coaching.
RESULTS Sustained qualitative performance improvements, renewed energy and innovation, corporate advancement for each of the coached personnel within 12 months.

Clinton Nuclear Station

Privately Owned and Operated Commercial Nuclear Power Plant, Revenue: $100MM, Employees: 1,300

GOAL Comprehensive turnaround under the scrutiny of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that had ordered the facility shut-down until it proved it was capable of meeting standards.
SOLUTION Extensive personnel assessment and reassignment process, the facilitation and deployment of a root cause analysis program, the development of an integrated and comprehensive plan to address more than 100 violations/findings, extensive executive coaching, and extensive human performance workshops.
RESULTS The quickest return to service in the history of the Nuclear Power production from a “Show Cause” state to full power operations.


Privately Owned First of Its Kind Food Producer, Revenue: $25-$100MM, Employees: 100 to 1,000

GOAL Transition of the company from a multi-site small business to an integrated high performance production company.
SOLUTION Development of performance metrics, executive coaching, leadership workshops, strategic planning support, implementation of statistical process control and disciplined project management.
RESULTS Quadrupled revenues, doubled profits and enhanced share price by 100%.


Andrew Bielat

Founder of Pilot Advisors

Favorite Quote:

“Ideas are a commodity, execution is not.” Michael Dell

Welcome to Pilot Advisors, where our focus is on your company’s success. Led by Andrew Bielat, a seasoned leader, advisor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker with over three decades of versatile industry experience, we specialize in guiding organizations through critical and complex scenarios to achieve profitable growth. Our successes are across diverse sectors such as steel manufacturing, commercial nuclear power, food production, and sensitive Department of Defense initiatives.

“At Pilot Advisors, our journey is defined by a deep commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by our client companies,” says Andrew. “We leverage a blend of leadership, technical prowess, and commercial acumen to drive innovation and growth tailored to your specific needs.”

Whether you’re looking to expand your global footprint or revolutionize your sales and operations planning, our mission is to empower your organization to unlock its full potential. From founding Pilot Advisors LLC to facilitate your business expansion to establishing Profit Hawk to optimize your operations, our focus remains on making a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

As an author of two influential books on business optimization, Andrew is dedicated to sharing insights that drive tangible results for your company.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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